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-====== LA Marathon March 9, 2014 ====== 
-{{:​irunlogo.jpg?​290 |}} 
-Support HIBM by donating to 'I Run for HIBM' 2014 and/or become a team member fundraiser for the LA Marathon (March 9, 2014) and Boston Marathon (April 21, 2014). 
-All the runners know one or more patients with HIBM and are running to support their friends or loved ones! Research is moving forward and with your support, soon no one will have to suffer from this debilitating disease, thanks to all the volunteers and fundraisers that helped raise funds for research on HIBM! 
-Donate and support HIBM team at: http://​​runforhibm2014 
 ====== Who is ARM? ====== ====== Who is ARM? ======