Information For Patients

Please consult with your physician or genetic counselor if you are considering testing for any serious or debilitating hereditary disorders. The outcome of the test may irreversibly alter your future. For additional information, please review our current Guidelines and Policies.

Middle-East Genetic Panel

People of the Middle-East origin have a distinct genetic profile from European or Ashkenazi Jewish population. Thus, the currently available Jewish or other genetic panels for disease-carrier testing are not as relevant to the descendants of Middle Eastern origin.

Muscle Disorders

Muscle disorders for which testing is available at HRG.

Other Conditions

Forensic DNA Analysis

As a service to local law enforcement and legal experts, we offer highest quality DNA identity assay using CODIS markers. The DNA assay is court admissible, and may be used for establishing paternity or biological relationship as requested by immigration services.

We offer rapid turn-around and experts witness service as needed. We will work with you to match your specific needs within your budget.

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