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Kim Mason

My Personal Story
By: Kim Mason 45, Mt.Perry, Ohio
HIBM Patient Since 1983
Mary Kay Consultant

I was first diagnosed with Dystal Myopathy in 1983. As the years went by I was slowly getting weaker and I had another diagnosis of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. I always knew that my condition was rare but not until my neurologist told me that I have HIBM.

I must say that it was actually a relief to know that I had a real disease, and at the same time afraid of the unknown. I went online and was so happy to see that we have a network of caring people who get the information out on the ARM web page. I also was able to talk to Dr. Daniel and Dr. Babak Darvish.

Everyday is a challenge, but it is a gift as long as I can get the word out about HIBM and how close we are to a cure. I will do so with all my heart.

I've had alot of things taken away from me because of HIBM, but I have so many blessings to take their place such as my LIFE, FAITH, FAMILY and Friends.